A variety of indoor and outdoor venues that cater to any wedding style you dream of whether small or big. Our wedding venues offer all that you want and more!


Irresistible romance is what The Arcades is all about. A rural countryside feel surrounded by trees, flowers, and historic archways to create the perfect backdrop for your picturesque wedding day. A mix of traditional and contemporary with scenic grounds, everlasting green mountains, and a historic touch make this venue the perfect location for an iconic wedding celebration.


Your romantic day deserves a romantic venue with an ambiance as unique as the love you are celebrating. Dyar Majid is the perfect setting to celebrate your timeless love story. Romance, elegance and style mark this Lebanese traditional house designed to bring the allure of the past to the present. Let the Village transport you and your guests to an unforgettable enchanting journey through Lebanese heritage.


Green mountains, an enchanting old house, and open space are what makes the Old House a special place to celebrate your unique day for an experience that you and your guests will remember forever. The hillside pergola offers exquisite views and a beautiful backdrop full of natural splendor. This spacious outdoor venue can be customized to fit your vision making your dream wedding a reality. No matter what style of wedding you prefer the Old House Venue will amaze you and your guests and provide the perfect backdrop for your special day.


Draj El Ward Ballroom is a modern and elegant venue that brings together luxury and glamor that is sure to impress your wedding guests. This stunning space features chandeliers and a built-in-stage that can be decorated to your liking to create a breathtaking and unforgettable wedding experience.
When we arrived to Arnaoon, we instantly fell in love with the place, the village atmosphere, the arcades, the large welcome drink and dinner area, the amazing food and the super friendly staff! It was no doubt the place for our wedding.
Dany & Vanessa - 2021


The Church Area is the fairytale wedding location with a sense of something special. Green meadows nestled among the majestic mountains of Batroun and an intimate small chapel for your unique blessing. This location falls nothing short of a dream location where the sun is high in the clear blue sky offering an ambiance of pure romance. What better way to walk down the aisle surrounded by a majestic and charming atmosphere?


Perched among the luscious green hills of Batroun, the Sunset Bar is the ideal location for an intimate wedding celebration that will enchant your guests. Stunning views and beautiful grounds, this is the perfect outdoor reception area or wedding venue for an intimate gathering under the sun or stars. The Sunset Bar combines cool and vintage vibes for an elegant wedding extravaganza.
The hillside pergola offers exquisite views and a beautiful backdrop full of natural splendor. This spacious outdoor venue can be customized to fit your vision making your dream wedding a reality.
Arnaoon made my vision come true and turned my open air wedding into a beautiful starry night with thousands of little fairy lights. So close to the heart and the most passionate people i’ve ever met, they treat your wedding like one of their own!
Rayan & Kareem - 2021
If you’re dreaming of hosting your wedding in a sun-filled location with ultimate exclusivity, choosing Beit Hala is your ideal scenario. Gorgeous surroundings coupled with an open space plan makes Beit Hala the ultimate location for a stylish, luxurious, and romantic wedding providing guests with a flourishing terrace to sit, chat and unwind. And if that’s not enough, there is also a private swimming pool and picturesque garden to add to the dreamy luxury that you deserve on your special day. Beit Hala is the place your guests will never want to leave and the setting in which your most treasured memories will be made.


Are you dreaming of a romantic intimate wedding with a handful of loved ones? The Bride and Groom House is a private location nestled among green surroundings providing a peaceful retreat for your guests. This secluded traditional house is the perfect place to create cherished times where every guest has a front seat row to join in the celebration of the happiest day of your life!


Located in the heart of our Ballroom Venue, the Blue House is the perfect venue for you small wedding. Celebrate your wedding night in the most intimate and magical way.
Thank you for all your efforts in decorating and organizing, you guys rock! We enjoyed every moment of our wedding thanks to your efforts. Thank you again for the high level of organization from Nelly and the team!
Cynthia & Joseph - 2021


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